Hi. Welcome.

Parenting is hard. Physically and mentally. But it’s not rocket science.

This blog will be my soapbox, my confessional and a place to celebrate big and small joys.

It is based on my honest experiences. It’s about me and my daughter.

A few points before we begin:

• All views are my own. Obviously.

• I swear. Sometimes I swear a lot. If bad language offends you, please don’t read it.

• I will write about my experiences, both good and bad, as honestly as possible. I’m not asking for praise, validation or conflict. Just so you know.

• I welcome constructive criticism, debate and questions.

• I will try to reference all my source material but I’m not always *that* organised.

• I do not suffer fools, twats or trolls gladly. In fact, I have a zero tolerance policy.

So. Let’s go…


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