Hello! Hi! Don’t step in the sick.

8 Apr

Hello? Remember me? I’m not sure I do. It’s been a while and motherhood has been a challenge. It often seems to take up every scrap of energy and enthusiasm I can muster. I’m going to restart the blog (if nothing else it’s an outlet for my moaning) but first we need to catch up on the last 9 months.

So. Inglorious Baby turned one (ONE!!!) on Monday and Inglorious Preschooler is now 3. This I can believe as she’s practically a teenager in temperament and behaviour. More on that later. The Threenager blog is coming soon.  Shudder.

Firstly I want to share the details of the baby’s health, as this has dominated a lot of the year. This year has been difficult. Following the baby’s pneumothorax and reflux (see previous posts for more of that joy) he has since had a heart murmur (thankfully now resolved) and an ENT condition called Laryngomalacia. It’s not serious but it is incredibly frustrating as it causes or possibly aggravates (we think) severe reflux symptoms. If you think baby reflux is bad, try cleaning up a pond of partially digested sweet and sour chicken and rice and off of your floor/walls/shoes/life.
The baby, at worst, was doing a big sick up to 8 times a day. Thankfully it didn’t dampen his wonderful spirits or cause him pain. It just created All The Washing, made feeding a nightmare, sleeping went tits-up as he’d wake up starving in the night and I was constantly yelling “DON’T STEP IN THAT SICK!”
I felt sorry for the baby, and I also felt sorry for my daughter. Many times we had to leave friends houses or outings after multiple sick incidents had used up all the spare clothes (or all my friends polite goodwill). I felt sorry for myself too. I spent all my time trying to get food and milk into him, hoping it would stay in and then pointing him away from me/the sofa/the cot/the cat when it inevitably came out again. I felt I was constantly cleaning up sick, washing clothes and bedding, always with the smell of vomit lingering in my nostrils. Bleak.
We’ve just had a few weeks without vomiting and it was glorious. Yesterday it came back. This morning I found myself trying to get a tight tshirt over my head without getting regurgitated milk on my face or in my hair. Sigh.
We have a paediatrician appointment next week to get a second opinion (outside of ENT). Maybe this will help. Maybe they too will suggest an investigative procedure to look at the structure of his throat as we believe the problem isn’t gastric. I hope this won’t be necessary as it requires a general anaesthetic and overnight stay in hospital.
The main thing is that the boy is happy. He really is full to the brim with joy, enthusiasm and energy. He is lovely. He’s also huge which is comforting. Our lovely ENT consultant always loves seeing such a hefty baby as the main associated problems of this condition is failure to thrive and malnutrition. That’s no problem for us. He is nicknamed The Beast due to his size and his heavy handedness and his relentlessly joyous destructive tendencies.

So, that’s the baby.
Next: The Threenager.



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