Baby of mine, hold on tight.

21 Mar

Is your tiny heart still beating? Or has it inexplicably stopped?
My own heart feels like it might stop too.

I wrote those 3 sentences back in September 2013 at a time of stress, anxiety and fear. It was at that point that I felt unable to continue the Inglorious blog. Now, I’m back.

I got pregnant again last summer and Inglorious Baby #2 is coming in 3 weeks time. The reason I stopped blogging was because I felt like death. From start to finish this pregnancy has been hell on toast. I didn’t want to write a whingy, ranty blog for months on end, but in reality I had nothing positive to say.

Now the end is nigh. Thank fuck. I have some catching up to do. A lot has gone on in our little house in the last few months. My toddler is now a daredevil fearless 2 year old. She’s in nursery (blog about this to follow soon). And she’s developed a penchant for Korean pop, Ylvis, heavy metal and socialist anthems. Oh, and The Gruffalo is her God.

I’m currently the size of an obese cow, due to carrying a breech and giant baby. I’m so big that the maternity jeans no longer fit. Wtf? Ceremonial burning of the maternity leggings will occur sometime in April.

There’s lots of new blogs coming up and I will be sharing my thoughts on toddler development, transitions, education, potty training, obsessive behaviours, sleep and next up, the true horrors of pregnancy. Brace yourselves.

Inglorious Mother is back. I may be slow and hugely fat and waddle like an arthritic, footless pigeon, but ask me if I’m sure I’m not carrying twins and I’ll slap you into next week.

You have been warned.


One Response to “Baby of mine, hold on tight.”

  1. Wendy Ager, Dot Social March 21, 2014 at 3:53 pm #

    That’s so weird, I was saying to someone at the Tweetup that I didn’t think you’d written for a while. Welcome back 🙂

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