“That’s not ok”

18 Jul

Things my daughter thinks are ok.

Climbing onto the tv unit.

Climbing into the tv unit and standing up.

Using my bookshelves as a ladder.

Turning of my freezer at the mains.

Throwing all the leftover food on the floor the millisecond she’s had enough.

Laying on the cat.

Licking my face.

Posting CDs/DVDs/books/toys through the sliding door to the garden.

Removing CDs from the box.

Licking CDs.

Throwing CDs.

Taking off her shoes, constantly.

Taking off her shoes in the car and chewing them.

Taking off her shoes in the car and throwing them at me.

Taking crackers out of the packet, licking them and then putting them back.

Using jam as a hair styling product.

Drinking bath water.

Chewing the coin release chain thingy on shopping trolleys.

Drinking coffee.

Relocating all fridge magnets to the cats water and food bowls.

Baby Jake.

Stripping herself naked at nap time, pulling the window blind aside and shouting out the window at neighbourhood cats.

Using my iPhone to call Pizza Express.

Using my iPhone to Skype work clients.

Eating paper.

Trying to throw herself into the duckpond in Clapham Common.

Pointing and laughing at strangers.

Touching all bins on public transport at any opportunity.

Shouting “Ready Steady GO!” at 3am.

Chewing flip flops.

Putting anything to hand down the toilet.

Happy slapping.



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