Recipe Post: Fish Pie

15 Jul

As inglorious as I am, I do occasionally feed my child home cooked meals. This foolproof recipe creates minimal washing up, can be frozen and tastes really nice (if you’re used to having no salt!) I’ve not included quantities as its up to you (what am I, your mum?). It depends how cheesy/fishy/potatoey/big you want it.


White fish fillet
Frozen peas & sweetcorn
Cheddar cheese
Creme fraiche

Bake the potatoes whole in the oven (fuck you, potato peeler!) then scoop out the mash into a bowl.

Eat the skins there and then with butter and salt.

Grate the carrot, courgette and cheddar into an oven dish with the fish (cut into small pieces), the peas and sweetcorn.

Add some milk and creme fraiche and mix it all together. It should be quite sloppy and look incredibly unappetising.

Mix a bit of milk with the potato and then spread on top of the fish mix.

Bake for 25 mins.


There’s you go. One dish, a grater and a knife to wash up and a perfectly reasonable baby-friendly fish pie. My daughter is a big fan. Usually. Sometimes it’s poison, but that’s toddlers for you.

Check for bones/piping hot, don’t cut yourself, use oven gloves for fucks sake, don’t refreeze fish etc blah blah blah.



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